room for your heart

90617-Warrenalways make room for your heart

von Warren Barigian

when you teach, follow your heart and make room for it

speak to people’s hearts and to parts that they’re not aware of
turn people back into themselves

your heart has love in it, it loves your whole body and works for all its organs

Don’t let another day pass without loving yourself
Don’t love God, love your heart

your heart will beat for anything you assign it to beat for
it is in the nature of the heart to become

the greatest power in the Universe is when the brain stops and lets the heart do the work

Adress your own feelings
Don’t let one word live without feelings, or you’re killing all your power

Warren Barigian, Juni 2009

Warren Barigian, Jahrgang 1935, ist ursprünglich Gesangslehrer, entdeckte aber, dass seine Methoden weit tiefer reichen als nur in einfache körperliche Prozesse.

Er unterrichtete unter anderem Cher, Bette Middler, Tom Petty, James Coburn, David Carradine, Bonnie Raitt, Rene Russo und viele andere. 1998 begegnete Alexander Meneikis ihm zum ersten Mal in New York City. Seit ca. 2001 ist er der Mentor von Alexander Meneikis.

Warren Barigian ist leider verstorben am 19. März 2014.


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  1. Marc Miranda says

    Well said. I was a good friend and student of Warren for almost 20 years. Sorry to hear of his passing.

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