REAL Power of Creation

von Warren Barigian

Reach deeper and deeper. Think of nothing; let the functions do the thinking. Leave nothing to chance.


Do it.

Create from the Power of Being, not the bullshit of „believing“.

You are bigger than your soul – you created your own soul.

Relate to the basis of all existence and find disturbances in relativity to it.

You are all, and all is not what you think it is or what glorifies your ego.

Ego is a total illusion; it seems so much bigger than it is.

Find the function. Go into it. The light is there.

Growth is imperative.

Do not figure out. Follow function. Do not ask how. Follow function.

Forget everything else. Power comes from the all-in, the all-over, the totality.

It takes a certain alignment to get this. Align. Do it now.

Warren Barigian, Jahrgang 1935, ist ursprünglich Gesangslehrer, entdeckte aber, dass seine Methoden weit tiefer reichen als nur in einfache körperliche Prozesse.

Es unterrichtete unter anderem Cher, Bette Middler, Tom Petty, James Coburn, David Carradine, Bonnie Raitt, Rene Russo und viele andere. 1998 begegnete Alexander Meneikis ihm zum ersten Mal in New York City. Seit ca. 2001 ist er der Mentor von Alexander Meneikis.

Warren Barigian ist leider am 19. März 2014 in Fresno, Kalifornien, verstorben.

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